Creature Feature: Little Blue Penguins

Meet the little blue penguin, also known as kororā, Eudyptula minor or the fairy penguin! These species are native to New Zealand and are also found in Southern Australia. These are the smallest of the penguin species and are primarily nocturnal, nesting in coastal areas and foraging within 25km of the shore. They are commonContinue reading “Creature Feature: Little Blue Penguins”

Kia ora, welcome to my blog!

Kia Ora! My name is Wednesday and welcome to my first blog post! I am a marine science student from the University of Auckland studying the foraging behaviours of seabirds and cetaceans! I can’t wait to share my masters journey, outreach, volunteering and adventures along the way with you! Over the next few months IContinue reading “Kia ora, welcome to my blog!”